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BECKS BIRD BARN ~ Our Baby Parrots & Birds

Here at Becks Bird Barn we pride ourselves on our customer care and strive to provide any customers who are contemplating purchasing a baby bird with as much help and information before and after purchase.

Our bird babies can be seen whilst being reared and can be secured with a deposit. All babies go home with Hatch Certificate, DNA Certificate, PBFD Certificate and Microchipped.

We also invite you to bring your youngster back for a post purchase check with our Avian Vet, Mr M Stanford (BVSc. MRCVS) from Birch Heath Veterinary Clinic, who hold a clinic here at Becks every other Wednesday. (Call for dates). Checks with our Vet are 25, payable to Birch Heath, we pay for the microchip. Prices of all our Baby Birds can be found in our 'Birds For Sale' Section.




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