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There are many different Cockatoos, ranging from the larger, such as the Mollucan and Umbrella and Greater Then Medium and Lesser Sulphur Crested, Galah, Goffin, Citreon, Bare Eyed and Ducorps.
They are good with all members of the family as long as a quiet, gentle approach is taken initially.
Most Cockatoos adore physical contact, they will literally lie on your knee all day long if allowed to. Some Cockatoos do learn to speak quite well but the loving nature more than makes up for any lack of vocabulary.
Young Cockatoos will enjoy a wide range of foods,we do recommend a pellet diet supplemented with lots of fruit veggies and nuts. Cockatoos are prone to overeating sunflower based foods this very often leads to obesity and even behaviour problems in Cockatoos.
It is extremely important to keep to a strict routine with all cockatoos right from the word go, they need to learn which is their time out with you, if they get the idea that they can come out any old time then eventually they will scream and scream until you do just that. If you are offererd older Cockatoos then please be aware that 90% of the time these birds may be difficult to get into your routine and could turn out to be very noisy indeed. If a cockatoo is your passion then please heed the above advice!
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